NFT-related cryptocurrencies

This list features cryptocurrencies available to trade on OKX that are associated with various popular NFT-focused projects and platforms. NFTs, or nonfungible tokens, are blockchain-based digital assets that represent unique, collectible items, such as works of art. Importantly, the cryptocurrencies listed below are not NFTs themselves, but are the native crypto assets for some of the most popular NFT platforms.

Most cryptocurrencies, such as BTC or ETH, are considered fungible because each unit of the crypto is essentially identical, as with cash. Unlike BTC or ETH, you cannot fairly swap one NFT for another because, by definition, NFTs are not identical, making them nonfungible. To illustrate the concept of nonfungibility, imagine the reaction you would receive if you proposed swapping the Mona Lisa with any other painting. Different works of art have different market values and are, therefore, nonfungible.

Early NFT use cases include digital art, collectibles, videos, music and in-game items in video games. Some examples of existing popular NFT projects are NBA Top Shot, built on the Flow blockchain whose native asset FLOW is listed on OKX, and the virtual world Decentraland, whose native asset MANA youll also find listed below.

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