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About Alpha Finance Lab (ALPHA)

Alpha is the name of the Ethereum-based token native to Alpha Finance Lab's growing suite of decentralized finance products. Alpha Finance Lab is a company building a range of services aiming to provide automated, interoperable and cross-chain yield optimization. Its stated goal is to maximize user returns while minimizing downside risk.

The company's first Ethereum product is called Alpha Homora. Launched in October 2020, the application enables yield farmers to maximize returns generated from Uniswap liquidity pools using leverage. An updated version of the product — Alpha Homora v2 — is now live, and the process of migrating users to the newer implementation is underway.

Alpha Finance Lab is also working on a complementary product called AlphaX. AlphaX enables perpetual swap contacts that yield farmers can use to hedge their leveraged positions. While Alpha Homora focuses on upside potential, AlphaX aims to mitigate downside risk. As of March 2021, the product was in beta testing.

Alpha Finance Lab plans to introduce additional products in the future. Although specific details are currently unknown, the company's documentation outlines a two-step approach for selecting applications to build. The first step is performing in-depth research to identify existing problems faced by DeFi users. The second is to plan solutions to these issues through evaluation of possible gaps in the market.

ALPHA price and tokenomics

ALPHA serves as the native token of the Alpha Finance Lab product line. Usage of the token for staking, reward-sharing and governance on the platform should encourage demand growth. Increased demand will have a positive impact on ALPHA price.

Total eventual issuance of ALPHA is limited to 1 billion tokens. Around 130 million were sold to investors as part of a prelaunch token sale. The team and its advisors received a further 150 million ALPHA. Finally, the remaining supply is split between liquidity mining rewards systems and funds reserved for building out the Alpha Finance Lab ecosystem.

The ALPHA token is also deflationary. Revenue generated from Alpha Finance Lab products will be used to buy back and burn ALPHA tokens. Such reductions in the total supply should raise ALPHA price, assuming its use in governance, staking and future products ensure continuous demand.

About the founders

Alpha Finance Lab was founded and is currently led by Tascha Punyaneramitdee and Nipun Pitimanaaree. However, the company plans to move toward a more decentralized model, eventually leaving the project's governance to its users.

Before creating Alpha Finance Lab, Punyaneramitdee worked in the investment banking sector in San Francisco and London. She later joined Tencent as a product manager. Punyaneramitdee's first position related to cryptocurrency was at Band Protocol, where she served as the head of strategy. She went on to launch Alpha Finance Lab in 2020.

A four-time gold medallist at the International Mathematical Olympiad and MIT graduate, Nipun Pitimanaaree currently serves as Alpha Finance Lab's lead engineer and blockchain researcher. Before entering the cryptocurrency industry, he was the chief research officer at OZT Robotics. Previously, Pitimanaaree also worked at Tech Square Trading, where he developed advanced automated trading tools.

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